"Cross My Heart"

15th of November Bodhi Gallery, London opened its doors to the D.I.Y. Calamari show. Showing Adfuntures new collaboration designer toy (Lefty) with Alex Devol aka Hi-Calorie. Showing various Lefty customs pieces featuring work from 30 international artists.

"Cross My Heart" was my contribution to the show.
Cross My Heart is a little squid mesmerized by love, squidding around all day with a huge smile of happiness on his face. Totally deluded by the fact love will devour him in the process, he keeps crossing his heart, in hope he will wrap his tentacles around the love of his life again.


PlaysKewl Mooooooody Madness!

Meet Moody Rock-it, this little fellow knows how to make you RAWK! This genuine speed demon will use his ultrasound brain to produce such an exploding wave of chaos that all sound surrounding you will instantly overpower you with great force! The elderly have even spoken of Moody Rock-it to be a bad influence on people who RAWK out to his great mind waves as they mistake his rocking mind for that of dark sinister one. This just proves some people just see or hear what they like to don't you think?

2th of November the exhibition Moody Idols opened it's doors at the U of L Helen ChristouGallery at the University of Lethbridge in Canada. This show features Ted Stilsons brainchild "Moody" vinyl figure shape customized by various artist throughout the globe. This exhibit will be up for view till 11th January of 2008. Be sure to check it out if you are in that neighborhood.

Some pictures of the Moody Idols exhibit at the U of L Helen ChristouGallery

For more information about Moody or the Moody Idols exhibition check out www.bovinyl.ca


PlaysKewl For Life!

After Munny Shot in Bristol last year Ryan Coyle of Ik'sentrik told me he wanted to get a tattoo design done by me. He asked me if I could do a design for his back as sort of one of my creatures watching his back.
So I made a design for him with one of my creatures to protect him from all evil that will ever cross his path. (hope it will do its job well ^^)

This is a picture after Ryans first sitting

( Thanks for ur support Ryan! I am honored to be a part of you :) Can't wait to see pictures after ur next session! )


Happy Halloween!

Happy haloweenie to all of you!

Trick or Treat! It's one of the Numbskulls dressed up in his Killer Shadow Suit! Scoping you from the shade standing on your front porch with his infrared goggle.

Give him candy or he might have a trick up his sleeve! ~



This pack of bunny Baby Qee are on display at Outland Records Shop in Amsterdam and are part of their Huge DIY Baby Qee Expo.

For the story behind these customs...
This is my version of See, Hear and Speak no Evil... with a catch.

One day the happy little bunny brothers See, Hear and Speak were having tons of fun, like they always had using their extremely good vision, hearing and vocabulary to help those in need of hearing the truth of things to revoke all evil. A mighty fine team they were. Until this mysterious big sales bunny arrived on the step o their little hole home wearing a funny black hat. The big sales bunny asked them if they were interested in buying one of these black funny hats... The bunny brothers weren't sure about this mysterious big bunny and told him: "Sorry sir, we just are not the hat wearing kinda bunnies". But as all consistent big sale bunnies, leaving the bunny brothers was no option. So he offered them to try them on. What would be the harm in that, was the thought of the bunny brothers... Little did they know that these were no ordinary hats, these were actually evil mind control hats! Made by the big, not caring about anybody but its self bunny, called "LiveOn"! So now as you can guess, See, Hear an Speak have been numbed to see, hear or speak about any evil that could be done to anyone! The only way to get the bunny brothers released from this evil curse is for the world to simultaneously scream "LiveOn" Bunny's name in reverse! Will the world unite to free the bunny brothers!? Will it be possible that one day all evil be revoked again!? Let's hope so!


10 inches of PlaysKewl Trexi

Heart and Soul is my impression of how heart and soul come together and fuse in to things people consider art. Heart and soul making chemical fusions in the brain, connecting back with impulses to the body, to express its self in forms of creation based on feelings, ideas and the fantasy of an individual. If you consider this theory you might actually come to the conclusion that basically everything living is a form of art if you look at it expressing it's basic nature...

After touring through The Netherlands and Belgium with the Double Dutch show organized by Outland records this custom 10 inch trexi is now up sale for 450 euro. If you are interrested in purchasing this one of a kind PlaysKewl custom please send an email to PlaysKewl@PlaysKewl.com



A little pirate sketchy in honor of "Talk like a pirate day".


Bad'ge Ass Love Terrorist!

Today I was moving some stuff around and found out I still had a few of these fellows laying around. "Bad'ge Ass" the Badger.

The Badger is a paper model created by Sjors Trimbach aka. Brickboy and is great fun to make :D Sjors asked me to do a design on the model for its series 1. So I did and it got printed in a limited run of 25. Which I operantly still hold 10 of. :P

So let me introduce you to this bad piece of paper if you not already know of it's existence.

This is Bad'ge Ass Love Terrorist! With love for all that's sacret to him he bombs the non believers with his faithfull LOVEBOMBS! Violence is the key to love and unity, is what he learned from the wise rulers of his believes, and so he shall conquer for the sake of (in)humanity!

If you would like to adopt a Love Terrorist let me know by sending an email to PlaysKewl@PlaysKewl.com I will sell them for 3,50 euro per piece excl. shipping to strike you with LOVEBOMBS! (and paper cuts!)


Happiness All Around

This "Happiness All Around" a custom painted 8 inch bunnqee.

"Happiness All Around" is a custom I made on commission for my friend and fan Shakey. I know him from the Octane3 forums and met with him at several art/toy shows and where ever the after party goes, he'll be there with his woman Teese :D We always have a blast!

So when he asked me to make him a custom I knew it was gonna be something good! Happiness all around! So here you go Mr. Shakey! Take good care of this bunnqee ;)