Happiness All Around

This "Happiness All Around" a custom painted 8 inch bunnqee.

"Happiness All Around" is a custom I made on commission for my friend and fan Shakey. I know him from the Octane3 forums and met with him at several art/toy shows and where ever the after party goes, he'll be there with his woman Teese :D We always have a blast!

So when he asked me to make him a custom I knew it was gonna be something good! Happiness all around! So here you go Mr. Shakey! Take good care of this bunnqee ;)


Teese said...

Oopsy! Brilliant work! (it's mine) and I'm no ones woman!! lol :P

Clutter Maz said...

ohh shall we have a cat fight over it teese.. i bet the men would love to watch us fight over it lol... ;)

TriclopsRobotboy said...

Nice work Mr Playskewl, classy bend of spray and hard edges :)
My moneys on Maz if it comes to fightin', she's got Loki, the hound from hell to back her up!

Clutter Shakey said...

Ahem, you can fight all you like but it's still mine ;)

Clutter Shakey said...

plus I just remembered Teese has her 1" punch, bruce lee would be proud of it!

Cris R said...

Wow! Now that is some serious customage right there... i may have to hassle you next payday!! :D :D

Shakey you lucky git!! lol