This pack of bunny Baby Qee are on display at Outland Records Shop in Amsterdam and are part of their Huge DIY Baby Qee Expo.

For the story behind these customs...
This is my version of See, Hear and Speak no Evil... with a catch.

One day the happy little bunny brothers See, Hear and Speak were having tons of fun, like they always had using their extremely good vision, hearing and vocabulary to help those in need of hearing the truth of things to revoke all evil. A mighty fine team they were. Until this mysterious big sales bunny arrived on the step o their little hole home wearing a funny black hat. The big sales bunny asked them if they were interested in buying one of these black funny hats... The bunny brothers weren't sure about this mysterious big bunny and told him: "Sorry sir, we just are not the hat wearing kinda bunnies". But as all consistent big sale bunnies, leaving the bunny brothers was no option. So he offered them to try them on. What would be the harm in that, was the thought of the bunny brothers... Little did they know that these were no ordinary hats, these were actually evil mind control hats! Made by the big, not caring about anybody but its self bunny, called "LiveOn"! So now as you can guess, See, Hear an Speak have been numbed to see, hear or speak about any evil that could be done to anyone! The only way to get the bunny brothers released from this evil curse is for the world to simultaneously scream "LiveOn" Bunny's name in reverse! Will the world unite to free the bunny brothers!? Will it be possible that one day all evil be revoked again!? Let's hope so!