PlaysKewl Mooooooody Madness!

Meet Moody Rock-it, this little fellow knows how to make you RAWK! This genuine speed demon will use his ultrasound brain to produce such an exploding wave of chaos that all sound surrounding you will instantly overpower you with great force! The elderly have even spoken of Moody Rock-it to be a bad influence on people who RAWK out to his great mind waves as they mistake his rocking mind for that of dark sinister one. This just proves some people just see or hear what they like to don't you think?

2th of November the exhibition Moody Idols opened it's doors at the U of L Helen ChristouGallery at the University of Lethbridge in Canada. This show features Ted Stilsons brainchild "Moody" vinyl figure shape customized by various artist throughout the globe. This exhibit will be up for view till 11th January of 2008. Be sure to check it out if you are in that neighborhood.

Some pictures of the Moody Idols exhibit at the U of L Helen ChristouGallery

For more information about Moody or the Moody Idols exhibition check out www.bovinyl.ca