Bad'ge Ass Love Terrorist!

Today I was moving some stuff around and found out I still had a few of these fellows laying around. "Bad'ge Ass" the Badger.

The Badger is a paper model created by Sjors Trimbach aka. Brickboy and is great fun to make :D Sjors asked me to do a design on the model for its series 1. So I did and it got printed in a limited run of 25. Which I operantly still hold 10 of. :P

So let me introduce you to this bad piece of paper if you not already know of it's existence.

This is Bad'ge Ass Love Terrorist! With love for all that's sacret to him he bombs the non believers with his faithfull LOVEBOMBS! Violence is the key to love and unity, is what he learned from the wise rulers of his believes, and so he shall conquer for the sake of (in)humanity!

If you would like to adopt a Love Terrorist let me know by sending an email to PlaysKewl@PlaysKewl.com I will sell them for 3,50 euro per piece excl. shipping to strike you with LOVEBOMBS! (and paper cuts!)