PlaysKewl Screenprints

Each of these prints are limited to 40 pieces, screenprinted in 4 colors, measuring 13" x 19" Holding metallic inks! Vibrant, Clean and Shiny! They are for sale at £35 each or available as a set for £100. If you are interrested in buying one of these prints or a set send an email to PlaysKewl@PlaysKewl.com

Closer look at design and tittles.

Heart Attack
Heart Attack is about wanting something so bad and not being able to get it, that it making your heart hurt so much that it feels like it will pop out of your chest. There by showing that you really have heart for the thing you long for the most.

Printed with Black, Red, Dark Metallic red and Silver inks.

Cruise Control
Cruise Control is that numbness that comes over you when your mind errors on overload of emotions and thought. Paralyzing every feeling and sense in you, turning you into a mindless zombie that is controlled by stupidity.

Printed with Black, Gold, Dark Metallic Silver and Silver inks.

Chase Down
Chase Down kinda tells that what ever feeling or thought you run from will hunt you down where ever you go unless you find peace with those feelings or thoughts. There is no sense in running from something that is still attached to you.

Printed with Black, Dark Metallic red, Dark Metallic Silver and Silver inks.