Rocking The Vader Project

I was recently asked to custom a Darth Vader helmet for a project presented by DKE Toys and Masters Replica. The Vader Project features 75 1:1 scale Darth Vader helmets customized by a who's who of lowbrow, graffiti, and designer toy artists from around the globe. The touring show had its debut at Star Wars Celebration IV held from May 24th till the 28th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This show is now traveling over Europe.

My contribution to The Vader Project is called "Scarred Mind" and is my way of saying everybody has a bit of Vader inside, scarred by the past cutting away on the inside. Every one of us having our own special way of "not showing it" to the outside. But god do you wish you could just rip it out so it would escape you and never come back. Either that or......JOIN THE DARKSIDE!

"Scarred Mind" seen from various angles"

Other artist that have contributed to this show

Troy Alders Kii Arens Attaboy Anthony Ausgang Axis Aye Jay Gary Baseman
Andrew Bell Tim Biskup Andrew Brandou Buff Monster
Mister Cartoon Mr Clement Steven Daily Dalek Cam de Leon
Bob Dob Marc Ecko Eelus Ron English FERG
David Flores
Brian Flynn Hybrid Design Paul Frank Sunich Huck Gee
Fawn Gehweiler
Mike Giant Joe Hahn Derek Hess Jeremyville
& David Horvath Jim Koch Frank Kozik David S. Krys DSK Designs
Peter Kuper
Wade Lageose Lageose Design Joe Ledbetter Simone Legno Tokidoki
Bill McMullen Melvins Brian Morris Niagara Mitch O’Connell olive47
Estevan Oriol Alex Pardee The Pizz Plastic God Playskewl Dave Pressler
J. Otto Seibold Shag Sket-One Shawn Smith Winston Smith Jeff Soto
Bwana Spoons
Jophen Stein Suckadelic Cameron Tiede
UrbanMedium Michelle Valigura VanBeater Amanda Visell

Check out www.thevaderproject.com for more news on this show