This collection of prints is called " Full Of... "

Every print represents a state of mind related to the color of the background and eyes/tongue of the little numbskull. On one of the eyeballs of the numbskull you can also find a little symbol that relates to its state of mind.

These are on display at Ik'sentrik in Frome, UK and are one of a kind prints.

If you are interrested in one of these, they are for sale at £15 each and come with a black wooden frame. Email to PlaysKewl@PlaysKewl.com for more information.

Below here you can find out which color represents which state of mind.

Left to right: Full Of Sorrow, Full Of Force, Full Of Sh*t

Left to right: Full Of Hurt*, Full Of Gloom, Full Of Envy

Left to right: Full Of Action, Full Of Greed, Full Of Passion*
Prints marked with * have been sold.