Interview Clutter Magazine 10

Some time ago the lovely people from clutter magazine approached me and ask me if I was interested doing an interview for their magazine and do a design for their magazines tenth issue backcover. Of course I was interested because Clutter magazine RAWKS!

What else to find in this issue of clutter:

:: Frontcover designed by Jeff Soto
:: Cover art by Jeff Soto + Interview
:: SP:UK
:: Nonpermanent
:: The Munny Shot!
:: Jason Siu
:: How to get your Toy produced
:: Unkl
:: Bwana Spoons
:: Evil Ink
:: Gentle Giant
:: October Toys/Toy Break
:: The Gospel of 12" figures

So go get your issue at www.clutter magazine.com! If you don't know this magazine get all issues they have great interviews, news about the newest toys and all designer & designer toy related articles and great to catch up on some designer toy history.